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Mar 2, 2010

DarthVaders Aura

DarthVader has a strong aura; Rocky Rooster never hurt DarthVader but he did not want Darth to claim any one of the hens.

Darth and Quail, a hen, and another hen, Fuzzy Top, were all good friends and they would slip away from the group whenever Rocky was not paying attention.

Darth is still recovering from the horror of watching a big dog attack and carry off FuzzyTop.  Larry and I were on the scene within moments and did make the big dog drop FuzzyTop; however she didn't make it through the night; Darth nested by her side the entire night.
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Mar 1, 2010

DarthVader, the Sad Black Rooster

DarthVader, the black rooster in this photo, and Ms Quail, on her roost at this time, are suffering from a great loss, their friend FuzzyTop.

It was a tragic incident for all of us, including the big dogs I'm sure.  But the end result was losing our beloved FuzzyTop.

DarthVader and FuzzyTop were life-long friends, life-long best friends.  He is taking her loss hard.

We, Larry and I, are taking it hard too. FuzzyTop had a great personality and we sure enjoyed her antics over the years.  In case you're new here, FuzzyTop is the fourth chicken from the left in the heading photo above.