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Jan 11, 2009

It's a Dog's Life or It Used to Be

The little red house you see belongs to our dogs, Buddy, Buddy's Buddy, and Missy. It has a front porch and is raised up off the ground about 10 inches on cement blocks. It has one window on the west side and shingles on the roof and is completely insulated, even the floor.

The Buddys' can see out their window and look down our driveway ever watching for a errant car to try to enter their territory. They love company to pull in because they can strut their stuff and bark like they mean it.

Anyway, about the little red house for the dogs. The chickens and ducks have taken it over during the day. The chickens stand on the front porch and it appears to us like they are just enjoying the scenery the same way we do from our screen porch.

The ducks do not want the chickens on the dog house porch and all five ducks will waddle with an attitude in a row, quacking loudly, toward the chickens and the chickens, at first, would scatter off but with dignity, as if that is what they wanted to do all along.

The rock area you see between where I am standing with the camera and the red dog house is our water garden with koi and goldfish. For years it has run clear and the morning sun and the fish swam like gold jewelry under the water with gold pebbles as a backdrop.

Then came the ducks. Momma Duck and her four little ducks made it home. Now the water still runs clean but it is never clear because the ducks purposely churn the water. I haven't seen the koi or goldsih for nearly three months. They are there and no one has died or I'd know. We built a flat rock island in the center of the pond for the ducks. They sleep on the island and feel safe.
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