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Aug 18, 2009

Unable to Take Our Chickenhouse When We Moved

Our little bantams went to roost one quiet summer evening about 3 weeks ago, thinking it was just the end of another day. But we had set out three travel cages behind the door of the chicken house and were just waiting for them all to calming go to roost.

When they did, I went into the chicken house, picked up a rooster as calmly as possible, and started the process of handing the twelve chickens out to Gary, who put each one in a cage for transporting them.

We were very disappointed that we could not take the chicken house Larry and I built from scatch, custom made for those little chickens. It was so perfect down to the five nesting boxes.

Now the chickens live in a tin shed. No windows like their pretty little house before. No hatch door. No nesting boxes. Just one long roost for now.

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