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Jan 21, 2010

Fuzzy Top is Gone

Bantams (Pet Owners Manuals)Our sweet Fuzzy Top Bantam chicken was mauled by a neighbors dogs and she passed away in the hen house during the night.  Fuzzy Top is in the center of our logo banner above -- see her fuzzy little head, fourth chicken from the left.

Her best friend since they were little yellow chicks was Darth Vader, our black rooster.  When she came back wounded, we placed her gently in the hen house in a wooden nesting box on fresh straw.  We were not sure how badly she was hurt but her wing was broken.  Darth, her best friend, stood outside the nesting box all night guarding her.

Now all we have left are Darth Vader and Quail and both are traumatized by the loss of Fuzzy Top during the horrible experience of having two large dogs chase and attack them.  Larry blasted his 12-gage shotgun into the air to scare off the dogs and then we gathered up our little frightened sweeties and as I said before, put them all in the hen house.  Sad day

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