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Jul 6, 2010

Time to Build a New Chicken House

Our first chicken house was perfect but it was so much work and materials cost $1000.  Someone stole that chicken house within a week after we moved to our current place.  Now we have to get a bit more creative and build a decent chicken house with basically material we can find on our property.   We have been gathering usable material for several months and next week looks promising weather-wise.  Planning the design is my favorite part.

This is where DarthVader and HennyPenny live now.  Not secure, not warm in winter, and not very comfortable for these two chickens.  We had to find a good home for all the rest of their family but kept these two.

Before we had to move, the white chicken house on the right was their home.  I used the outhouse-looking red building to store straw and supplies.  We may never get completely over losing that chicken house.  Larry and I worked three long weeks building it.  It is made like Fort Knox.  We didn't want to worry about raccoons, possums, or other predators getting them.

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