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Aug 27, 2010

Today is the Day to Get Fertilized Eggs for Bantam Chicken

I have decided to visit my neighbor down the road and buy some fertilized eggs from her for my lonely little Bantam chicken, Henny Penny.  Henny is so depressed.  I miss all my chickens and ducks running around clucking and quacking and having a wonderful time roaming the property.  Smiles were never in short supply.

Plus with all those peaceful critters running around I also had a Koi pond water garden.  We have dug a new small pond in the back and yesterday I bought Bentanite (clay granules that expand when wet) to seal the pond. 

Larry is working to get his 1973 Satah tractor running good again and when he does (he thinks today), he's going to work the bentanite into the clay soil.  Then we fill it with water and start over with new fish.  My other Koi were 15" and it took years to grow them that big.  Who knows? Maybe someone around here has more Koi than they want and will give me one or two.

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