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May 2, 2008

Barometric Pressure and Chickens

Ever notice that chickens stay close to their roosts when the barometer starts to fall below 29.5. If it falls lower than that, the chickens will actually go to roost early, even in the morning. When the barometric pressure is high, around 30.5, free range chickens, like mine, will venture far and wide, too far in my opinion. I like them to stay relatively close.

We have wooded areas around our place and whenever the barometer reaches 30.5, they venture into the woods. A danger zone because of predators, so my husband and I take turns scaring them back. We used to be gentle about shooing them back into the safety zone of the yard, but we have found that a good scare lasts a long time in keeping them out of the woods. Tough love.

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