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May 3, 2008

Proud of His Hens

Rocky the Rooster crows when he hears one of the hens doing her "I just laid an egg" cackle. He escorts a hen to the chicken house when she wants to lay an egg. Then he paces around outside for as long as it takes until he hears her happy cackling from inside the house.

He then struts up the ramp and goes inside. After a short while she comes out with him close behind her and they join the rest of the flock. He does this with each hen to different degrees. His favorite hen, Whitie, of course, gets the most attention from him. He simply adores her and she knows it.

He is always close by wherever she is. They have been in love since day one when I brought them home. I am so glad I took both of them. Without knowing, I could easily have separated them when I went to pick them up at the farm that day. Because back then I did not think chickens knew anything much less that they had deep, lasting relationships.

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