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Aug 4, 2008

Dawn Approaches and Roosters Crow in the Day

Our roosters, Rocky and Darth Vader, start crowing about 4am. Neither of them say "CockADoodleDoo." Both of them say "ErraErrrErrkkaErr." Both are a type of Bantam. Rocky taught Darth how to crow. When Darth first tried it sounded like "Errrraa" He gets better with each day. I told Larry the first time we heard Darth crow (I always thought roosters were born knowing how to crow), that if we crowed each morning with Darth, we would be able to crow perfectly at some point in time. He said he'd rather learn from a expert rooster. He said Darth was learning from Rocky and Rocky doesn't crow the way a rooster should crow.

The weather is hot and steamy in the Ozarks tonight (last night too). The temperature in the chicken house is 91 degrees. They have several cool water dishes and plenty of fresh air coming in the windows on the east, south, and west sides. I also sprayed down the roof of the chicken house with the garden hose to help cool it down tonight.

My bet is that neither Rocky now Darth crow very loud tomorrow morning. It's going to be a long hot night for my darlings.

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