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Aug 7, 2008

Mrs. Duck

A lady sold me some black ducks (momma and her four babies). I have a small 14ft diameter water garden with Koi and large goldfish and I thought these ducks would add even more tranquility to the pond. I was right. We sit in the swing by the pond each evening and just swing and talk about our day and listen to the water fall and watch the ducks glide over the moonlit water. Yes, I was right about the tranquility.

However, ducks also eat all greenery within reach and will even reach up high on my water plants to eat what they should not be able to reach. They also love to splash and dive and potty in the water. My water is a mess now.

So soon, within a week or so, we are going to herd the ducks down the lake (about 500 feet) and see if they'd like to go free and migrate south for the winter. I'll miss them but I just can't continue to keep the pond water fresh, my filter system wasn't made to handle five ducks which have all reached maturity now.

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