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Dec 25, 2008

Chickens Eating with the Dogs

Rocky the Rooster decided the sunflower seeds and other goodies I'd sprinkled around on the ground were not as good as Kibbles N Bits. Here he is eating out of Missy's dish. Missy is a Shelty and one of her greatest pleasures is asking for a slice of bread or toast before she goes outside.

If it is a nice day and the other dogs are around, she will lay the bread in the open and hide close by. When another dog comes by and tries to take the bread, Missy jumps out as if from nowhere and scares them. She then goes back to hide. And the bread is still there.

She will also lay down in front of her dish of Kibble n Bits and prevent another dog from coming close to it. But one day, it was not a dog but Rocky the Rooster who decided to eat from her dog bowl. Missy never moved. That little chicken has scared her before and she doesn't understand yet that Rocky is bluffing when he flaps his wings to make her move.
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