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Dec 28, 2008

Hatching Eggs

FuzzyTop, named that because her head always looks like it needs to be combed, went broody and we let her keep two eggs to brood on. One morning when we went to let the chickens out to free roam, we heard tiny little chirps and peeking out from under FuzzyTop were two little pale yellow, almost white, heads.

One of those little chicks turned out to be a rooster who is the spitting image of Rocky and the other chick grew into a pretty white hen. Little Rocky as we call him is coached by Rocky himself. Rocky teaches him everything and will let Little Rocky mate with whoever he wishes. Rocky is not that good to Darth Vader, who is also his son.

Rocky will not let Darth mate with any of the hens. Darth is more accepted by the black ducks than he is by Rocky; all the hens like Darth but it does no one any good. Rocky won't have it.
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