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Sep 3, 2009

Chickens Venture into Front Yard First Time

Rocky Rooster and his group adapted to their new home location faster than I anticipated. Chickens and ducks do not like change. If I change anything in the hen house, I do it while they are there to watch.

If I do it while they are roaming around somewhere else, they throw a fit when they come in that night to rooster. Chickens are intelligent and they like to know exactly what is in store for them.

When I put in a new roost, I do it while they are on their high roost. They all pay avid attention to my every action and they express their like or dislike immediately.

One of the chickens will fly down on the new roost bar, checks it out and then flies back to the others and tells them to check it out. One or two more will land (this is before I am done with the project mind you).

If they approve of what I'm doing, I finish up and close their door, which is a storm door and I can see them easily.

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