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Nov 30, 2009

Downsizing My Lovelies: Sad Heart

I have to find a good home for my two roosters (father and son and get along) and all but two hens. I know and love them all but simply do not have a proper chicken house for them.

We built a beautiful white little house with peaked roof and windows on east and south side.  Had marvelous hatch door and nesting boxes.  We placed linoleum on the floor for easy cleaning.  They were safe and happy in that house but was not able to move it to where we moved so . . .

Note: Think I found a good home for them with a lady in Weaubleu MO about 25 miles west of us.  She loves and understands chickens too and has a very good home.  She understands the need to keep the little chicken family together so will take all. Dec 2009

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